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multi camera surveillance software for Mac or Windows operating systems

It doesn´t matter which operating system is yours. We offer solutions for Mac or Windows. The software programs are designed for professional and problem-free video surveillance and recording. as easy to use software with varied functions at an absolutely competitive price .

The software can be installed within your local network (preferred) or remote. And you can access the live pictures and recordings from anywhere via PC, tablets or smartphone. In addition to this there are Apps for your tablet or smartphone available.

The software function range contains everything, which is required for professional video surveillance.

This includes for example:

  • Live-Monitoring
  • Recording (timer controlled, motion triggered or permanent)
  • Remote control via network or internet
  • Controlling of PTZ cameras
  • Scheduler for automatic recording
  • Alarm function (acoustic, via e-mail, ... )

The video management software works as a so-called 'hybrid-surveillance system', which can process digital network surveillance cameras as well as analogue video sources via video servers or capture cards.

Companies with existing analogue video technology are therefore able to join the digital world by a 'smart change' and to integrate already existing hardware.

Consulting, Design, Planning, Sales, Implementation and Services

Before we make any proposal or offer to you, we need to know what you are aiming for. We want to understand what your specific needs are as our aim is to have a satisfied and happy customer at the end of every single project.

We can integrate our solutions in Windows or Mac environment.

Based on your personal needs we will tailor a video surveillance system setup which enables you to monitor your object from any place in the world with all common devices for internet access.

Your partner for professional IP-network based video surveillance solutions

We are based in Hamburg Germany and offer advanced IP-network based video surveillance solutions tailored to your needs, implemented with superb technology and products with attractive designs.

Regardless whether you want to protect your people or premises or wish to monitor your property or facilities from any place in the world via internet on PC, tablet or smartphone, observe24 has solutions that can meet your needs.

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