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Construction site documentation / monitoring / recording

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the picture above shows a real time snapshot from an actual construction site in Germany

You may want to follow or monitor the individual phases of your construction project. The solution is construction progress monitoring and recording.

We will program a camera so that it sends at regular intervals snapshots to a FTP server that can be used for any kind of presentations or documentation.

All it needs is:

  • a robust outdoor, high resolution, day and night vision IP-Camera mounted at the construction site
  • local power supply for camera and the other necessary devices
  • a router with internet connection (which can be a mobile communication version with a data flat rate SIM card also) and
  • a FTP server at any remote location (e.g. our observe24 server)

As an additional observe24 service the resulting frames / snapshots can be assembled to a film. It creates a small time-lapse movie of the construction progress, you can use for presentation or advertising.

But also other applications, e.g. the integration of the images on your websites are attractive options.

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Remote construction site monitoring, documentation and recording.

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